Alpha Alternatives LLC

Alpha: a great choice for new or existing funds

If you are launching a new fund we can assist in the process, so your fund and business is structured properly and to give you the best shot at attracting investor capital. We see many instances where fund documents include wording that investors may find problematic, or have terms that are not considered "marketable," or that are not reflective of the fund strategy.

We welcome existing funds to our administration services. While some see moving administration firms to be as exciting as changing their auto or homeowners insurance, we believe the differentiation offered by our firm makes it a very attractive option to fund managers. We will perform the lions share of the conversion process, so that switching is seamless, with minimal effort on your part.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing for fund administration is inclusive of all traditional services. We will not nickel and dime you with copy costs, telephone charges or other miscellaneous one-off tasks. Our compensation is tied to the size of your fund, thus we are incentivized to help you both retain and grow your assets.